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  • After I was Exiled, I Became a Noble Minister
    After I was Exiled, I Became a Noble Minister


After Transmigrating I And The Villain HE [ATIVHE] – quick transmigration, different protagonist

After I was Exiled, I Became a Noble Minister [AEBNM] – an ancient romance, powerful female protagonist

Guide to Stabilizing the Blackening of the Villainous Husband [GSBVH] – book transmigration, modern romance

I Became the Disabled Tyrant of the Future [IBDTF] – ancient romance, rebirth

Jealous in Nature (Rebirth) [JN] – jealous male lead, reborn protagonist, bl

Loving My Rival’s White Moonlight [LRWML] – modern romance, first marriage then love

Luxurious Life after Swapping Body with Unconscious Husband [LLSBUH] – body swapping, lazy protagonist, sweet revenge.

Married To The Male Lead’s Paranoid Uncle [MMLPU] – disabled ml, modern romance, book transmigration

Old Enemy Became Sweet and Sticky [OEBSS] – modern romance, rebirth, yaoi, childhood sweetheart

Old Wang Doesn’t Want to be Tragic [OWDWT] – modern romance, rebirth, yaoi, the vengeful protagonist

Saving The Black Immortal Venerable [SBIV] – fantasy romance, cultivation, powerful past

Saving The Tragic Male Lead [STML] – quick transmigration, role reversal, same ml, matriarchy

She Wants To Divorce Me [SWTDM] – modern romance, rebirth, yuri, chasing wife

The Group Pet Villain is Three and a half Year Old [GPVTYO] – modern romance, child protagonist, sibling bond, cross-species love

The Original Partner Robbed of Luck is Reborn [OPRLR] – fantasy love, disabled male lead, military marriage, reborn protagonist

The Resolute Cannon Fodder Teaching In Ancient Time [RCFTAT] – ancient romance, system, yuri

The Starting Point of Raising a Husband [SPRH] – matriarchy, martial artist male lead, comedy romance, female honor

The Transmigrated Li Jin’s Daily Farming Life [TLJDFL] – ancient romance, transmigrated soul, yaoi

This Male Was Forced To Support His Family(Zerg) [MWFSHF] – fantasy romance, disabled ml, zergs society

Transmigrated as the Ex of the Blind Villain [DEBV] – blind male lead, transmigrated into book, modern romance, yaoi

Transmigrated Into Villain’s Younger Sister [TIVYS] – modern romance, book transmigration

Xian Xian [XX] – ancient fantasy romance, god ml, vengeful mc


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